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You'll Know Where Your Plane Is [entries|friends|calendar]

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going away into a stand [13 Apr 2005|06:00pm]
[ mood | I AM DANCING ]

So many Shows in weeks
Q and Not U
The Good Life
Bright Eyes & The Faint

i am content.
also rehersals cause headaches, my shirt is growing too small, and i write too much.

I think i may be forced into a haircut, oh well i suppose retarded southern kids aren't supposed to have haggy hair. I'll live.

here is my latest procrastination:

Estella, Queen Of The Spanish Minx

Youve Been In This Room Nearly 9 Months And 14 Days
And Thats A Lot Of Ways To Count Back To One
Is It Wrong To Consider That Twice A Week?
Or Am I Truly The One Who Thinks Too Much

"For Your Own Good,"
Is What You Told Me
"IT Wont Hurt MUch
Just Picture Ice Cream And Dandelions
And Dont Look Down
Or Back At Me as I Rape All Of Your Fun"
Use Me Till Im Whithered Up By Your Game
tangeled up, frozen and fucked
but, hey you ticking clock
guess what?

No Longer Can You Go
Watch Me
Re-decorating my sidewalk
by the
light of the moon
If The Night's Nocturn is Gonna End Too Soon
Then Ill MAke Sure it still Shines
Until I See Tears From your beady selfish eyes
Finally Show Some Remorse

Cause Estella It's Your Turn To Walk The Plank
Naked And Aware Of My Eyes
Lets See How Brave You Are Now My Mouse Of Virtue
Without Your Coyly Blue-printed Guise

You See
It's The Mistake That I Made
Believing You Knew All Your Faults
And Then Letting You Hold Mine Over Me
You Were Hovering So Carefully & Constantly
That It's No Wonder I Turned Into Stone
but the least you could've done for your little fucking patsy
was toss the captive mutt some

Are What Skeletons Are Made Of
And Thats About All The Integrity I've Got Left
I Didn't Realize What You Were Underneath Your Mask
Until I read A little Pamphlet About The Death

Of All Self Assurance
Caused By Those
Who Dont Have Any Of Their own
Well I Just Found Mine On The Asphalt
And Its About Time To Reinstate It To It's Throne

Cause Estella Now It's Your Turn TO Be Crazed
And Obsess about what we think of you all day
Lets See How Brave You Are Alone Now Little Bell
With No-One THere To Make You Feel better About Yourself

Now That Youve Been In This Room for Days
Does It Matter What You Can Make Me Do With WHat You Say
Cause Believe Me Love, If It Does
Ill Lock The Door And Pass Along The Key

Gladly I Might Add

Cause Estella,
You're just letters
and i just blocked out how to read

and i actually took a break from enetering this and wrote another that came to mind so uhh here

If A Traveling Circus Only Traveled In A Circle

My Glossary Is Filling Up With Words That I Dont Know
and every descision only brings me closer to another
its not that i enjoy this spurt of warm weather
but i just couldn't stand the actions so cold

And On the Faux Island They'd Never Show
How badly These tropics Want To Snow
Rain Down With A Hail OF Frozen Condensation

Now Im losing sight of knowing what it is i was meant to sight
choosing sparkplugs over textbooks, becoming less inclinded to write
And its not a sudden lack of motivation
its just a feeling that for once im not wrong

And At Town Hall They'll never Speak
Of anyone or thing a little bit special
a topic and subject so bleak
That we havent even tipped off the iceburg

We need to untie this caution tape and let
This Quazi-Resppitory-civilization Breathe
Stop Giving A Damn Of what We All Want
And Spoon Us With What We All
Won't Believe

Cause At The Schoolhouse They're Gullable But Working
And Sometimes Those Fuckers Have Fun
So Now Im Seeing We Won't Fix This By leaving
But By Staying This Place Has Won

Well Mr.Heller i believe This Is Called A "Catch-22"

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Another Freestyle [09 Apr 2005|11:57pm]
[ mood | fdsfsdsdfssdf ]

Poetry Vs. Pushpin

This text has lost its accountibility
and it's unsettling
the wind has lost its monotony
and it's fucking wrestling around
I've lost my ability
to deliver
a pre-packaged bleak outlook on things
as of late
So no longer do i sit wrapped in thought
wrot, frought, and taught as a string
cat's craddle some would say
but we aren't living vonnegaut
and when it comes down to it neither was he

No, Now im rehashing and recyling
just like capitan planet
Using all these words i took so much for granted
But Just Like Users Sharing Needles Spreads a knack for HIV
The Sharing Of Ideads Spreads This Disease Called Vanity
Brought on By The Damn Puritans In Sixteen Thirty Three

ITs the fleas i tell you these,
taunting haunting fleas

that cause my own persona to be so entrawled with me
So I plunge down deep and search for soul
but in time i cant even count that that'll be there tomorrow
unless i give up a mirror and stop pretending to feel this sorrow
then up I'll get and down I'll stay,
down-played for sure until this very day
when i stand before thee and i say:

This Text Has Lost It's Accountability
and i am sick of counting

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Redcoat or Rebel [09 Apr 2005|10:29am]
[ mood | Hungover ]

So last night i went to a benefit hosue party for Dax pierson. And Bat Rays and Why? Played, it was fucking amamamamazzzing. I love Yoni Wolf, crazy boxing fuck. It was grand, and i drank some really goos wine, and i am semi-hungover, and this song is good.

Also I think that i might become an avant-garde instrumental hip-hopist in terms of where Shinto's music seems to be going?

or maybe we just listen to to much anticon

Oh k this song is even better

I was listening to Your Signs by the Notwist

I think I Drank And Dialed....


Im starring Out Into That Vaccum Again... [03 Apr 2005|12:20pm]
[ mood | NEED HEATER ]

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