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Another Freestyle

Poetry Vs. Pushpin

This text has lost its accountibility
and it's unsettling
the wind has lost its monotony
and it's fucking wrestling around
I've lost my ability
to deliver
a pre-packaged bleak outlook on things
as of late
So no longer do i sit wrapped in thought
wrot, frought, and taught as a string
cat's craddle some would say
but we aren't living vonnegaut
and when it comes down to it neither was he

No, Now im rehashing and recyling
just like capitan planet
Using all these words i took so much for granted
But Just Like Users Sharing Needles Spreads a knack for HIV
The Sharing Of Ideads Spreads This Disease Called Vanity
Brought on By The Damn Puritans In Sixteen Thirty Three

ITs the fleas i tell you these,
taunting haunting fleas

that cause my own persona to be so entrawled with me
So I plunge down deep and search for soul
but in time i cant even count that that'll be there tomorrow
unless i give up a mirror and stop pretending to feel this sorrow
then up I'll get and down I'll stay,
down-played for sure until this very day
when i stand before thee and i say:

This Text Has Lost It's Accountability
and i am sick of counting
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